Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Work from home business you can do on internet - VAI

Hello everyone , i am a guy lokking for earnings online , i do many stuff like mylotting , ciao, adsence but i always keep thinking about what business i can start online to earn big money . I dont know web programming so i am not able to start any e-commerce website but i do have a static website. But keeping in mind about online earnings i found some ways which many of us can start online to set up online business from home on internet .

Below i am mentioning some business you can also try to start online from your home .

Some internet business you can start from home ..... brought to you by VAI

Ad Network website : start with a website wheir you start up with links exchange and
banner ads exchange. This will make your website more popular and along with that you will start earning money.

Auction website : Start a website like ebay or amazon wheir people can sell new / old products they have with them to sell over internet and to earn some revenue out of it.This way you will also start making profit out of it with banner ads and online advertisements.

Banner Ads Designing Online : This is a nice job to start with little or no investment. If you are good with designing then you can start this job from your home itself. Take online orders to design banners from different companies and people over the internet and start charging fees for it. Hey !!! you started earning online.

Beauty Products : If you are able to design website for yourself or eles have one website and start selling beauty products and tips (guidence) online so this way you will be able to target huge audience online with doing business from home itself.

Start a book store online : If you know website designing you can start a book store online , On the website you can sell books online as you can target huge audience.Make some contract with some book store in your area and you will start earning commission on every book you sell online over internet .

Start blogging : If you have no idea about how to create website then you can start with a blog , its easy to create blog on internet , you can visite websites like or and register your name and you are done with blog.Add original content and news on your blog , or add information on some topic which you are perfect with .. and which can help readers in any way . Add information about the area you live , add new events from your area .... This blogging idea is nice but it will take more time for one to earn a good money out of it.

Jokes Writting : If you are good with jokes then there are many websites which will pay you for the service you provide.... in short you will be adding new jokes and contents on there websites and for which you will be get paid.

Community Events websites : You can start a website with community and forums on it , people can share information about news and events from differnet locations.You also can post most recent updates about the place where you live ... this will leads to original content and more visitors to your website and which will generate revenue for you .... do remember to have google ads on your website ....

E-books website : You can start with a website selling ebooks on it, store ebooks on all topics you can store on , one should find ebooks on all available thinks he can think of . One should feel like visiting your website again and again . You earn when someone place an order for some ebooks.....again more visitors , more earnings ...

Email Reminder Service : Start with this type of service , this is a job where you only need to handle huge amount of your users carefully. This i think you can start with less or no investments .... later once your business is running fine then you can always look for new services you can provide to your users....


Health Guide : You can start with the website providing guidence and guide on health to your visitors, usefull information about how to maintain health . You can make it like foruns so many people can discusse there knowledge here and you the one who earns money :)

Graphic Designer : If you are a good designer then you can always start and you should start freelancing job on internet ... Make a website with your details and portfolio.So that people can have a brief idea about you.

Hotel Guide webiste : Start a website which will provide hotels information and guidence . Have information about more and more hotels from the area you live and about hotels in your city , and also have a forums section on your website so people can share there experience and guide others about the good and well-maintained hotels.

Map & Tourist Information : Start a website providing information which will be helpfull to people visiting your country .... Road maps , hotels , parks and all information which the visitors from different country would like to have ... Provide information in a way that more and more people choose your website before planning a trip to your country.Again more visite - More famous website - MORE EARNING.

Online Flower Store : Start a website { online flower store ) Its ok if you do not ship to different countries but atleast you can do that in your country. People can place orders online on your site and provide service in a way that people remembers your website... On every festival you should send a newsletter offering special discounts & all that ..


Online Resort Directory:Start a website with information about different resorts from your country , mention facilitied provided by different resorts ... Recommand your visitors about the best resorts in your town.

Real eastate website: Start Real eastate website , and start charging money to people
( Agents ) from your area to post there ads on your website. You can also earn from other people by placing there banner ads on your webpages.... Remember More visits + More Famous website = More earnings.

Resume Writting Service : Start this type of service , you can make resumes for different people online .... Be a professional and provide a good service to clients so you are going to earn definatily .....

Seo ( Search Engine Optimization Service) : If you are good with this type of service
then it is more profitable to you ... Provide world class service and anyone can start with this as require very less or according to me no investment to start this type of online business.

Software Download Website : Invest some amount and start this type of service , i have also seen that big website pays you to keep a mirror ( link ) for there softwares on your website so people from ur country or countries near to you can download from the mirror on ur website.. This way you also get more traffic and more traffic is a sign for more earnings all know.

Sports Equipment selling New and Used : If you have a good knowledge about sports products you can sell sports items online with your own website or on websites like google or amazon , etc.

Travel Consultant Service: Start a travel consultancy if you can do that ... This business also need very less or no investment... but i think you need to spend amount to have your own website ... having a website makes different image then doing business online without having a website.

T-Shirt Design online job: Again if you are good with graphics design you can do this job also to earn from internet .... have one website to post your work and thats it , start getting orders . Only thing is you need to promote the website very nicely.

Computer Reselling & Assembling job online : If you are good with computer hardware and software you can start this type of service , i am also doing this with my website as i can provide service to people atleast in my area.... , town , etc.

Web design job online : Start freelancing job and i am sure you earn more then your routine 9 to 6 job.

Web Radio Station: Start online radio service . I am sure you can earn nice amount from the sponcers you will get.

Wedding products : Start a website selling wedding products online .... I am sure people
will like it , only thing is how you handle the task.